Connect Expo is esteemed for heightening awareness of the digital world while showcasing advantages, advancement and current problems in tech. It is a productive learning space, fit for tech-enthusiasts, decision-makers, application developers, equipment manufacturers, service providers, analysts, investors, system dealers, value-added resellers and system integrators. If you are planning on attending, you may be wondering what kind of cool things you will find. To find out exactly what your eyes will see, you have to join the fun and go to Connect Expo. However, to further pique your interest, we put together a list that will give you an idea of the types of technology and things you may find at the Connect Expo.

1.    Robots

Prepare to be amazed and blown away by the latest solutions and advancement in not only automation and assembly but robots. If you are a tech lover, the idea of robots strokes the strings of your consciousness, adding wonder and mystery to your imagination. Although strides in making robots more lifelike strike controversy, you can expect this to be combated with how these bots can serve us. These metal vessels are often integrated with the latest operating systems and processors, making them smart and pretty helpful.

2.    Drones

Drones bring the common dream of owning a jet into arms reach. Flying, stealthy and sleek, who doesn’t love the idea of controlling your own flying machine. However, the ones you will see at the Connect Expo will be so top-notch and high-tech it would probably be illegal for you to own them. Nevertheless, they are extremely cool to look at.

3.    Apps

Apps make the world go round. There is literally an app for anything you can imagine. That is why it is so surprising when developers create more. As long as there are inconveniences and desires for the ‘best of the best’, we can expect to see new and better apps coming to us. Regarding Connect Expo the types of apps shown will gear towards functions like aiding in remote medicine, equipping wearable tech to regulate and monitor health, assist in virtual reality projections, development in education, and more.

4.    Speakers

Aside from all the glamorous innovative tech that will grace your eyes and spike your interests, speakers stand as a key part that will deliver you a complete Connect Expo experience worth having. Speakers are there to inform you of everything you see as you walk through the Connect Expo with your expresso. Try imagining entering a room filled with technology resting on hundreds of booths. The scene before you would make you question if you all were gathered for a faulty experiment.  The speakers are very knowledgeable about all there is to know about the event and technology you find.