The Melbourne Exhibition Centre is a popular attraction located next to Yarra River in South Wharf, Australia. It is colloquially known as Jeff’s Shed and is often referred along with the Melbourne Convention as they are adjacent to one another. This government-trust owned building is an influential marker. It was once used as the site for Daryl Jackson’s Museum of Victoria. Today its 30,000 square meters offer a broad open space portraying the glory of modern and green architecture. This building is a marvel to behold, and it is esteemed for its 6-star Green Star environmental rating. Whether you are planning a trip to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia or want to find out what this attraction has to offer, then the list below will help you figure out what can be seen and done at and near the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

1.    Conventions and ballets

Within the southern hemisphere the Melbourne Exhibition Centre is the largest there is as show theatres go. Plenary hall holds infamous ballets and theatre that is open to the public. The room can hold a maximum of 5,500 people, with the feature of dividing into three different rooms, which hold about 1,500 people. In terms of conventions, the Centre holds many various ones throughout the year. Here are examples of shows and conventions being held this year:

The Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2019, Marcus Evans Future Labs 2019, RACV Marine Melbourne Boat Show 2019, Mind Body Spirit Festival, Juice Plus Australian and New Zealand International Conference, Good Food and Wine Show by Citi, Theo Von Live (2ndshow), Peppa Pig Playdate, Melbourne Bridal and Honeymoon Expo, Allergy Show,   Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) Research Conference 2019 and so much more.

2.    Polly Woodside-Melbourne’s Tall Ship Story

Come aboard, experience and learn what life was like on a real tall ship in the 1800s. On the Polly-Woodside you will discover a newfound world of adventure and maritime splendour through theatre showings, special events and an engaging gallery. And you do not have to travel far because this is literally 0 miles away from the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

3.    South Wharf Promenade

This lively outdoor area is great to walk through in the day and night. It is quite lively and filled with a lot of restaurants. You will enjoy a picturesque pleasant stroll right next to the Yarra River and witness a moderate crowd eagerly jumping to their next adventure. At night the city skyline lights up the Yarra River in a mesmerising way, and we are sure it would make a beautiful place for a proposal. The South Wharf Promenade is 0.1 miles away from the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and leads into the Polly Woodside tall ship.