Learn how sustainable business practices are maturing as new technologies emerge. Hear from scientists, researchers, operations executives and leaders in construction and be involved with the coming of age of alternate energy sources that is created by the implementation of highly efficient, resource saving technogies.

Pat Gleeson

General Manager, Oakey Beef Exports



Climate Change Campaigner, Australian Conservation Foundation

Rebecca kerr

General Manager Technology, Box Hill Holdings


Rob McCreath

Farm Manager, Darling Downs Farms



Who should attend:

  • Environment and Sustainability Practitioners
  • Energy Policy Managers
  • Climate Change Managers
  • Sustainability Governance Managers
  • Academics and Scientists
  • Local Council Representatives
  • Energy Consultants
  • Suppliers and Contractors
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Technology and solution providers
  • Alternate Energy Providers

Why Attend:

  1. Learn about all the latest sustainability developments, technologies and approaches
  2. Compare your performance, products or services to industry leaders
  3. Uncover techniques to reduce your costs, enhance your brand and sustain our natural resources
  4. Gain insight into regulatory updates to ensure you are compliant
  5. Meet with the key sustainability practitioners from across the business ecosystem



Wednesday, 29 March 2017

4:10 | Technology Intersecting with Communities to Cut Pollution
  • A look at the technology that is reducing environmental impact
  • Advocating technologies that reflect community desires to reduce climate change
  • Discover how to cut pollution through technologies driving the clean energy transformation

Victoria McKenzie-McHArg, Climate Change Campaigner, Australian Conservation Foundation

4:30 | International Case Study: Stockholm - The Green Economy Leader

  • The Environment Programme, integrating environmental issues into the central management system of the city
  • Sustainable development in the fastest growing Capitol city of Europe
  • The strategy to be fossil fuel free by 2040

Gustaf Landahl, GrowSmarter Coordinator – Head of Department, City of Stockholm

4:50 | Green is the New Black: Turning Waste into Profits
  • A look at Biogas: Creating new energy to fuel profitable performance
  • Leveraging your renewable waste stream to make profits
  • Concrete Action: Developing building products from agricultural wastes
  • Understanding how the industry can profit from environmental initiatives

Pat Gleeson, General Manager, Oakey Beefs

5:00 | Case Study: Technology’s Role in Creating the Capabilities to Future Proof Business

Rebecca Kerr, General Manager Technology, Roy Hill Holdings

5:20 | Case Study: Sustainable Farming Practices to go Zero Carbon Land
  • Engaging in profit by practicing real sustainable solutions,
  • A look at going Zero Carbon and the farming techniques that have boosted performance
  • Understanding how the industry can profit from environmentally sustainable initiatives

Rob McRae, Farm Manager, Darling Downs Farms