A forum where IT professionals can learn how to maximise their organisations capabilities with their available resources. Whether you are working with clunky legacy systems, are grappling with mobility and agility, have upgraded your core infrastructure or have virtualised your entire network, this summit is for you.

Pick up techniques and strategies from heads of information and technology from across the Australian business landscape to help you design, plan and deploy ICT infrastructure with confidence and reap the maximum benefit from your existing systems.


Chief Technology Officer, Domain Group


Practice Leader, LegalVision


Chief Data Officer, UNSW


Chief Digital & Information Officer, Vision Australia


Who should attend:

  • IT Director
  • Head of IT Infrastructure
  • Chief Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Head of Data Management
  • Head of Networks
  • Head of Technology
  • Head of Technology Operations
  • Head of Applications
  • Head of Technology Delivery


Thursday, 30 March 2017


Co-located with DataCentre Show

1:50 | Building Sustainable Back End Systems To Improve The Customer Journey

  • How you can develop algorithms that make complex calculations simple and visible
  • Improving risk management of ICT systems
  • Improving company accessibility and management of ERP and network users

Michelle Beveridge, Chief Information Officer, Intrepid Travel

2:30 | Operational Perspective on Infrastructure and Applications

  • Cloud-first strategy
  • Working through SaaS platform issues
  • Seamless, real-time integration and flexibility in academic program management

John Parry, Director Enterprise ICT, La Trobe University

2:30 | ICT Infrastructure Security and System innovation

  • Working with existing physical and digital infrastructure in developing security
  • Devising open data standards and practices
  • Assessing future needs and implementing relevant technologies today

2:50 | The Practicalities Of A Two-Speed IT Shop

  • Fostering “fast-fail” culture
  • Collaboration with your colleagues...let’s stop saying “The Business”
  • Cloud must be “industrial”

Mike Schuman, Former CIO, WA Police

Afternoon Tea

3:50 | Agile Data Warehousing using CapEx
  • How we accelerated the cloud-based data warehouse set up - cutting down years to months
  • How we achieved agile MVP with very light spending
  • How we built internal capabilities and a value based system

Mark Cohen, Chief Technology Officer, Domain.com.au

4:10 | Hybrid Data Centre Approach - Case Study of Vision Australia
  • Analysing the needs and challenges of reform within the industry
  • Appreciating the needs of clients and identifying optimum support strategy
  • Considerations around finding the right hybrid mix for the organisation

Samir Mahir, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Vision Australia

4:30 | UNSW's Data Warehouse Migration Journey - On Premise to Cloud
  • Enabling seamless migration with strategic planning and stakeholder engagement
  • Selecting the right partner for the migration
  • Tackling legacy retirement issues
  • Archival and decommissioning of resources

Kate Carruthers, Chief Data Officer, UNSW

4:50 | Tackling Concerns Around Data Sovereignty and the Cloud
  • Mitigate against risks of offshore personal data exposure
  • Secure rigorous security Service-level Agreements (SLAs) with cloud service providers
  • Outline audit rights, reporting, data location constraints, and access right provisions

Damien Timms, Practice Leader, LegalVision