This stream will highlight the business opportunities within the smart home ecosystem. The consumer Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is on the verge of changing the way we live. Join leading futurists, IoT professionals, builders, developers, real estate professionals and suppliers of smart home solutions, devices and appliances to learn how you can benefit from the development of smart home technologies.


Senior Experience Lead, Research and Development, Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Organisation Improvement Manager and Smart City innovator, City of Whittlesea


CEO, BuddeComm Strategic Advisor, Australian Smart Communities Association


Who should attend:

Business Managers from:

  • Construction
  • Property Development
  • Real Estate
  • Architects

  • Consumer Groups
  • Technology Companies


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

4:30 | Our future homes will transform our media experiences- Emerging technology in our future homes will transform how people consume, create and share information and entertainment
  • No longer bound to screens, T.V's or radios, our media interactions will be hands-free, immersive, hyper-personalised and context-aware
  • How will the behaviours and needs of ABC's audience evolve as their home becomes more connected?
  • What opportunities exist for media organisations like the ABC in this environment?

Priscilla Davies, Senior Experience Lead, Research and Development, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

4:50 | How Will a Smart City Support Digital Lifestyles and Smart Homes?
  • Emerging trends following IoT developments
  • Educating the next generation and supporting the ageing generation
  • Uncovering benefits for our Smart Cities - Supporting businesses

Rachael Falk, Director Technology, Security & Strategy, .au Domain Administration

5:10 | Home Automation Evolution is Speeding Up Using Data Analytics

  • Home automation: a process that started more than 50 years ago
  • The next phase based on data analytics and data management
  • Who is in charge - the people or the market?
  • The next stage: smart homes, communities and cities

Paul Budde, Chief Executive Officer, Paul Budde Consultancy