The 3rd annual Digital Health Summit will bring together 250+ delegates, including key Australian and global healthcare innovators, healthcare providers, policy makers and technology enablers. It will feature high-level discussions which look at how technology is redefining healthcare strategies and models of collaboration, lowering costs and dramatically improving patient outcomes.


The Digital Health Summit will boast a range of features not seen at any other event, including:

  • 30+ speakers
  • Spotlight sessions
  • Data Analytics & Security sessions
  • CMO Panel
  • Care Provider sessions
  • Expert & Analyst Roundtables
  • Expo Hall: The Connect EXPO features a dedicated Connected Health Technology Zone where end-users can meet with key vendors to explore and discuss products, cutting-edge strategies, and innovative solutions


Topics being covered will include:

  • Enabling patient-centred care through information and technology
  • Accelerating Innovation & Investment in Healthcare                                     
  • Digital Health Leaders Panel - Health ICT strategies to improve Clinical and Business Performance
  • What are the top digital trends fuelling disruption in healthcare?
  • How digital tools and apps support preventions and improve quality of life
  • Telehealth and telemonitoring in hospitals, care homes and at home
  • The use of video conferencing for hard to reach populations
  • Smart Healthcare & Wellbeing: How is IoT changing the healthcare sector for the better?
  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Panel: Incorporating digital innovations into mainstream public healthcare
  • How will medical professionals keep up with constantly changing technological trends?
  • What opportunities are there for partnerships within healthcare delivery?
  • Learning from lessons in digital transformation to ensure healthcare is stable and manageable
  • The future of Healthcare in Australia


Expert/Analyst P2P Roundtable Sessions
These moderated high-level sessions are designed to promote the exchange of ideas and Information, and provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary discussion that can lead to breakthrough strategies.


Running in three rotations of 30 minutes each, delegates have the opportunity to pre-select which tables they want to ahead. There will be adequate breaks between each rotation to allow delegates to move between the tables.


Roundtable options to select from:

  • Encouraging the effective uptake of digital transformation into the health industry
  • Making better use of data information
  • Self-management of health - Empowering patients and their clinicians
  • Technology trends changing aged-care
  • Dealing with the cybersecurity risks and keeping patient data safe
  • How clinical Telehealth is changing the face of healthcare, and the opportunities for clinicians, patients and researchers
  • Changing the Care Delivery Model with mobile technology
  • Enabling carers to share data and streamline processes across the entire organisation


Who will attend?

  • CFOs, CIOs, COOs, CTOs
  • Clinical Directors
  • Directors of Clinical Informatics
  • Directors of Health Informatics
  • Directors of ICT
  • Directors of Public Health
  • Heads of Business Intelligence
  • Heads of Data Security
  • Heads of Information Governance
  • Heads of Information Security
  • Heads of IT Infrastructure
  • Heads of Pharmacy Services
  • Heads of Public Health Intelligence
  • Heads of Shared Services
  • Healthcare Service Managers
  • Medical Directors
  • Public Health Directors
  • Telecare/Telehealth Project Managers


  • Public and Private Hospitals
  • Allied Healthcare providers
  • Government healthcare agencies/healthcare authorities
  • Retirement villages/nursing homes
  • Health insurers
  • Technology providers


Request speaking and sponsorship information

  • Do you have any suggestions regarding speakers?
  • Are you interested in securing a high profile speaking role for one of your executives?
  • Do you want to align your brand with a specific Roundtable topic?
  • Want to mix it up with industry leaders and share your views through an interactive panel discussion?

If so, please contact or call +61 2 8908 8505