The 2nd annual Connected Education Summit is organised by the same team that organises EduTECH (Brisbane) and the National FutureSchools Expo (Sydney). This one day summit is one of 10 parallel conferences taking place at the giant CONNECT EXPO.


The Connected Education Summit is a strategic-level, business-meets-policy conference which brings together leaders from four key areas (education + industry/business + government + tech sector) to discuss the role each needs to play to ensure that today’s students are ready for tomorrow’s increasingly globally-competitive digital world.


Benefits for Attending:

  • Hear how industry, education and Government can collaborate to build the skill-set needed in next decade?
  • Understand Australia’s challenges in building a STEM focussed future
  • Learn how to increase interest in STEM subjects?
  • See how technology is disrupting current education (and business) models
  • Drive female interest in STEM subjects
  • Understand business opportunities for tech companies
  • Hear how Australia can maximise benefit from the digital age
  • Uncover the value of STEM to the broader Australian community


World Leading Speakers include:




Who should attend?

  • School system leaders and policy makers
  • State and federal education department leaders and policy makers
  • Tertiary education leaders
  • Heads of Faculty, Education (School of Education / Teacher Training College)
  • Training, L&D, and Skills Development Managers from within business and government
  • ICT, broadband and telecoms infrastructure providers
  • Business and industry leaders
  • Ed-tech providers

    Discussion topics include:

  • What skills are required in the next 10 years to ensure Australia remains competitive in the digital economy?
  • How can industry, education and Government collaborate to build the skill-set needed in next decade?
  • How to increase interest in STEM subjects?
  • How to increase female interest in STEM subjects?
  • How technology is disrupting current education (and business) models
  • How will Gen Alpha interact with their world digitally?
  • Internationalising education: Building global competence
  • Personalising learning in a global world: Interconnectivity, Engagement, Crowdsourcing
  • Next generation broadband: enabling greater participation in the global education community
  • Business opportunities for tech companies

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